It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a kohlrabi?

Who – or what – the hell is kohlrabi, you ask?  It is a root-vegetable that is also called German Turnip.  But, it isn’t a turnip nor is it rutabaga nor is it any other variant of the cabbage family that you might be accustomed to.  Which might be a good opportunity for you to bring the cabbage family back into your life, if you have parted ways.  Or if you are good friends with your cruciferous veggies, but would like to add a little variety…kohlrabi’s your veg.  It is sweet and watery and crispy and mild…almost like a water chestnut, or like a jicama,  but not quite.  They are so simple to use and are ZERO points.  My prefered method is to simply peel the silly thing and hack it into rounds or slices.  You can cut all the way through the bulbous part.  I then eat them raw, perhaps with a little lime and salt, or chile and lime and salt.  They make a really clean side dish to a main dish that is a little complex or fatty. I often add them to my salads to give them a little more crunch and interest.  Many cultures use them primarily cooked, but I have never ventured down that road.   Some coleslaw/salad preparations are also common.  I most often see it paired with apple, as in this slaw recipe.   I feel that for the fresh fruit and veg lifestyle that I am trying to accomplish most days, raw veggies fit right in.  They are the perfect addition to your bento box or lunch box.  I am challenging each and every one of the kohlrabi uninitiated…try one…you’ll love it!!! 

 (photo from Wikipedia Commons)


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