Medicinal Value Negates Points

I have been laid up for the last few days with the dreaded summer cold.  You know the one.  It is 95 degrees outside and beautiful, but you are inside on the couch under a blanket snarfing, sneezing, wheezing, and coughing.  You have been through untold numbers of tissue boxes already and have taken such a variety of cold mediciations that you could write a dissertation on the differences between home remedies and standard over-the-counter solutions.  Anyway, you feel my pain.  You’ve had those sleepness nights and foggy days.  For those times (no matter what the season) where that combination includes coughing, sore throats, and wheezing I recommend the following:


  • juice of 1 whole large lemon
  • 1 tablespoon (or more to taste) of strongly flavored honey (I prefer sourwood)
  • 1 to 2 shots ridiculously strong Kentucky bourbon or whiskey or scotch (I prefer Elijah Craig)
  • boiling water

While water is coming to boil…in a large coffee mug, combine the freshly squeezed lemon juice and the honey.  Stir well and add the shots of bourbon.  Stir well and fill to rim with boiling water.  Stir until all honey is dissolved and booze is evenly distributed.  Drink immediately,  as quickly as you can, while the temperature starts to drop.  The hotter the better.  It should be held directly by the nose and mouth while waiting for it to cool a little and while drinking. Breathe in the vapors because they are helpful for sore throats, wheezy chests, and stuffy noses.  Careful though!  This is strong stuff.  If you aren’t a regular drinker, this will knock you on your butt and send you to bed with your fresh box of tissues.  I would also caution you about drinking one of these in combination with a bunch of other cold medicine.  My parents both claim they were given this when they were little, but society had already determined that it was inappropiate for the kiddies by the time my brother and I were around.  As a side note, my mom also says that when we were babies and teething really badly they would rub booze on our gums to numb it.  Different times for sure!  So, in keeping with societal norms I would leave this “cure” to the 21 and older crowd.  I’m feeling too crappy to calculate points here…eh, maybe 4?  But, I am pretty sure that when you are drinking something for medicinal value the universe negates the point anyway.  Plus if you are only eating popsicles, chicken noodle soup, and saltines, pretty much anything goes.


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