Fruit o’ the day: Lychees

One of my favorite, but fleeting, summer fruits is the lychee.  Also known as the Lychee nut, lychee fruit. or litchi it is a tropical fruit from south asia.  The ones we get in the US are almost exclusively grown in South Florida, the only place suitable for them.  The season is very, very short.  They can only be fround in their fresh form (in the produce section of the market in little plastic clamshells) for about a month which can be May/June or June or June/July depending on how the weather worked out that particular year.  Any other time of year the only lychees available are the canned variety.  Which can be used if you making a bowl of eyeballs to put in your haunted house, but otherwise not a great product.  There are some exceptions.  But, this post is about the fresh lovelies we see now.  They are covered in a dry, bumpy, pinkish brown skin that has to be removed before eating.  Then there is the rather large dark brown pit that must be removed.  All this work reveals a translucent pearly white to pinkish flesh that has the consistency of a grape.  But a taste like no other.  It has an intense sweetness and floral quality that I find hard to describe, but really love.  I love them as part of a nice cheese board with other fruits and some nice whole wheat crackers or sourdough bread.  I have also had them in cocktails like Lychee Martinis and in baked things like Lychee Cake.  But, for my money…just fresh out of the skins with a nice glass of wine and some bread and cheese.  Points?  Not for the Lychees! (:  Give them a try before they are gone!


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